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Dr. Bob's Introduction

Hi, I'm Dr. Bob the Love Coach. People think they need life coaches and physical fitness coaches (and they do) but they also need love coaches because there's a lot of people who are experts at screwing up relationships that started with love and ended up in the sewer.

I coach all kinds of people, even those who enjoy having problems. It adds an element of drama to their lives so they know they’re alive and problems also give their minds something to do which is a side benefit. One kind of problem people bring to me on a regular basis is love relationships and how to make them work. As a relationship coach, my take on this is to first help them understand what they do to screw up love. Look, if you know what you’re doing to undermine a relationship you’ve got an important thing to work with—insight and an understanding about what to change.

While you’re reading Screwing Up Love, assume that you've done your fair share of making the relationship hard rather than loving. When you take some responsibility, things are bound to get better because you'll see what you can change. Whether your mate changes or not, your actions will still go a long way to cultivate more love. When you stop messing up your relationship and start to deepen understanding and love, you can buy my tee shirt with the following words written on the back, Screwing up love is as easy as burning toast, but who likes burnt toast?”

Okay, now that you’ve accepted the idea that you’re partly responsible for undermining love in your relationship, I have some good news. You're also a cultivator of love. Whew, now that you know you might be doing some things very well, you won’t get so depressed that you’ll stop reading this thing. Because if you stop reading, you’ll stop developing insights and the accompanying promises of change. So, hang on to your pants or whatever is available, because here we go! To accelerate, click on Chapters .

Good luck,
Dr. Bob

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